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A little about me. I was born and raised in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and I'm a mum of two handsome little boys, Cooper and Austin. My love for helping women and supporting our bodies completely epitomizes my beliefs. I want women to feel confident and empowered. I want to support every aspect of our being. Through Alluvia I am able to provide not just beauty services but offer a sounding board and emotional support. I can work from the inside out with gut health support, help you nourish your beautiful soft skin, and through the power of makeup, I'm able to help your confidence. And of course, my candles are able to calm and soothe you which is fantastic for mental health support. 

However, I wanted more. I always thought there was a little something missing in the mix and I have been using essential oils in my life for a few years and I knew this was the missing link. Essential oils have the ability to support our emotions, sleep, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, eliminate stress, and the digestive system just to name a few. Not just that we are also able to cook up a storm and clean in a low toxic, safe environment. This, my friends, was the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle and the way to completely support women in a healthy way.

Over the years I have struggled with my autoimmunity and my mental health and I'm so grateful to have a natural support system I can rely on. As well as being a mum, I have come to realise that "mumming without oils is mumming the hard way!" Both of my little champions, Cooper and Austin, are Autistic and ADHD along with other difficulties so we have a lot of added pressures and deal with it all a little bit differently but as a result, I have found myself naturally drawn to other mums of children with special needs and knowing we aren't alone and we are all in it together is a comfort like no other. 

My oil experiences are here to help support you along the way. Click here to jump over to my blog where hopefully I can help teach you some new natural ways to cook, clean and support your family. 

Want to give oils a go?



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