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At Alluvia, we LOVE Spray tans! There is no doubt about it, everyone feels better with a tan! You feel slimmer, sexier and like you can conquer the world! Our premium tan is Moroccan Tan, which includes an extensive colour range to ensure that there is the perfect colour blend for each and every skin type. We have the Green base range which is perfect for those will cool skin tones and the Violet range for those with warm skin tones. Moroccan Tan is infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E to ensure your skin is kept moisturized. Varying in developing times  they start at 1 hour up to a 4 hour minimum. Moroccan Tan is one of the best tans we have come across, it gives you a flawless bronzed glow every time. No streaks, definitely no orange tinge and if you care for tan you will have 10-14days of beautifully golden skin. We also adore our MediterraneanTan which has a sublime red undertone, perfect for all skin types for a luxurious deep tan, ideal for those who want to look sun-kissed and flawless, think rose gold and delicious. MediterraneanTan is infused with 11 different oils to ensure your skin stays hydrated and nourished.


Are you new to the world of spray tanning? Here are some tips to ensure you get a long-lasting flawless result with your tan. 



  • Wax or Shave 8-24 hrs before the spray tan

  • Shower and exfoliate prior to the spray tan to remove dead skin cells and other product residue 

  • DO NOT apply moisturizers, body butters or oils to the skin.

  • DO NOT wear makeup before or after the spray tan. 

  • Remove jewellery where you can.

  • Wear loose and dark clothes. You should also wear loose shoes or thongs.

  • DO NOT wear deodorant, lotions or perfumes before or after the spray tan.



  • DO NOT touch your body while your spray tan is drying

  • AVOID activites that will make you sweat

  • After the waiting period has passed, shower using warm water ONLY no soaps and DO NOT wash your hair. Pat yourself dry with a towel.

  • Once fully developed (next day) shower as normal.  Perfumes, deodorants and makeup may also now be used.

  • AVOID chlorinated swimming pools, long baths and exposure to salt water.

  • Moisturise skin daily to prolong the life of your tan. 

Want to give it a go?


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