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The Art of Ancient Egyptian Hair Removal.

Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern hair removal technique. Using a thin thread of pure cotton, which is twisted tightly and expertly rolled over the areas desired to be hair-free. The hair is plucked out via the thread at the follicle level and is often plucked out a row of hairs at a time, rather than a single hair.


Why should you choose threading over waxing?

  • Longer results, threading can last up to 4-6 weeks

  • A cleaner and more accurate line, perfect for giving brows a bit of definition

  • Suitable for even very sensitive skin 

  • Won't leave you red and swollen for hours - can get it done in your lunch break!

  • No chemicals are applied to the skin, a great option for an all natural treatment

  • Regrowth is finer and slower

  • It's a clean and sanitary process

  • Better for the environment

  • No wax burns and will leave your skin intact

  • Threading is also believed to have anti-aging benefits due to the skin stimulation that is produced!


Want to give it a go?


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